Richard Tozer

Conservation & Restoration


You do not need a lot of equipment to be able to gild successfully, but handling the leaf can be a problem for the inexperienced.

A gilding cushion and a gilding knife, are the only major items, the other materials, Vaseline, cotton wool, pumice powder and glair (adhesive).

Imitation gold leaf is a little thicker than 23 carat gold leaf, but this makes a considerable difference when it comes to handling the leaf.

At Richard Tozer's Antique Furniture Restoration Workshop we offer both services.
Where possible, I conserve the original whilst reconstructing missing ornament when needed, and toning the new gold to match the original gilding.

We work for museums, churches and stately homes as well as on quite humble furniture.

The techniques I use are traditional and are to a museum standard, but is sometimes surprisingly an inexpensive restoration.