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Desk Top Leathers

Leather types

Cowhide leathers are typically thicker than skiver. They are used for larger desks and furniture of a high quality. Cowhide leather is suited to larger and more expensive tables or desks. It is very slightly thicker than Skiver leather and less coarse to touch. Cowhide leather is also of a higher quality and it is less likely you will find thickness variations, or small flaws in the leather, that you may find on Skiver leather. This is reflected in the price of Cowhide leather, as it is more expensive than Skiver leather.

Skiver leathers are thinner and typically used for smaller desks. Skivers are suitable for all types of desk tops from reproduction to antiques and they are antiqued and gold or blind tooled to the customers individual requirements. Many different colours and tooling designs are available.

We can fit and tool leathers to all desks and writing slopes, we also supply bookshelf edging.