Richard Tozer

Conservation & Restoration


Some people who bring in antiques to recover just want the cover changed, they say everything else (under the cover) is just fine.

As with any other type of furniture, the padding and fabric tend to hide the true condition of the springs and padding to the client. Sometimes it is difficult for even the professional to ascertain the true condition until he gets the cover off.

When we take the cover off we can often see that the stuffing and webbing are severely deteriorating and would fail if not replaced.
If you are going to the expense of having something recovered, it would generally be safe to assume that you want the springs and padding to last the lifetime of the cover. Generally you want the cover to wear out before the stuff under it.
As far as the frame is concerned we check all of the joints of the frame, and if some joint is loose or squeeky, regluing and reblocking the frame as needed. Sometimes this might be completely disassembling the frame and regluing, adding new blocks (as needed) to the corners. We always like to use the old springs if they are in good shape.
There are various levels of restoration from reusing the existing materials to complete replacement.
We would be pleased to discuss your requirements.