Richard Tozer

Conservation & Restoration

French Polishing

The art of French polishing dates back to the early nineteenth century when the craft was developed by French cabinet makers.
The process involves the use of the finest materials and finishing techniques applied by skilled craftsmen.

The traditions of this ancient profession are proudly upheld at Richard Tozer's Antique Furniture Restoration Workshop.
French polish isn't really a polish as we think of polish as in wax and polish, it's more of a finish or extension of a finish, except (it seems there always has to be an except) it is a polish in the sense that it's applied with a buffing and polishing action.
French polish is frequently used as the only finish on wood classical stringed instruments, because it can be completely controlled and made to sit on top of the wood and not soak in to change the resonance of the wood molecules.

For larger projects Richard is always pleased to work on site.