Richard Tozer

Conservation & Restoration

Richard Tozer Antique Restorer

With 30 years experience restoring a wide range of furniture, from the most general, to the finest quality antiques for customers of all walks of life including Royalty!
Richard Tozer enjoyed several years of employment at Harrods of London, working to high standards on fine antique furniture, leaving to start his own business nearer to home 22 years ago.

"If you visit your local library or bookshop, you'll find loads of how-to books on furniture restoration. But don't let the seemingly simple directions and eye catching illustrations fool you -- some projects are better left to experienced professionals. Just because you have the ability to restore a piece of furniture doesn't mean you should. The truth is do-it-yourselfers -- from novices to those with years of experience on home projects -- simply don't have the same calibre of resources as trade professionals, may it be training, technical skill, tools or an intuitive eye."